Monday, June 7, 2010

Disagree Gaza humanity mission?

One of the comment I received from Facebook. What do you say about this?

It is more an Arab problem than ours.
If their rich neighbours ignore them for decades,
we are sending Aid and risking our lives. For what?
Are we publicity seeking on behalf of some politicians
like Mahathir who is desperate to get the Nobel Prize.

That said, there is no harm helping out in the name of
humanitarianism, but don't go overboard. We ...
See Moremust take care of our needy first because
charity always begins at home. Be practical, not political!

If we really want to help, get them in ,
give them bumiputra status, and let them compete
in our job market and ask their entrepreneurs operate here.
You know what happens, they will beat us flat!

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